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July 30, 2006, 6:53 pm
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I’m a husband, dad, and a graphic designer/entrepreneur (not to be confused with entre-manure which means “between crap”). I have 3 charming sons and a lovely wife. What more could I ask for, you may ask? How about a goat? Yes, we also have a 1-month-old Nubian Goat, who follows our boys around wherever they go (except in the house). We also have a lamb and a ewe (should that be “an ewe”?), but they may losing their place in the family, soon. We’ve had some good times with them – we’ve done some mutton-bustin’ and  harnessed them so they could pull the boys in the bike-trailer – but they’re just a lot of work. They’re always knocking over their water trough, getting tangled up in their rope, and pooping everywhere. We’re not big meat-eaters, either, so we’re not sure what a “happy ending” for these sheep are.

Family Portrait


July 30, 2006, 6:11 pm
Filed under: Personal

Here are some of my dreams:

  • Strengthen Families – there are so many forces breaking apart our families – we can’t be fence-sitters any longer. Education is the only hope. I’m working on FamilyCollege to get good resources in the hands of families.
  • Make a Difference in Africa – debt relief, reduce spread of HIV, give them a chance (especially the children) to rise out of poverty. I’ve designed several pieces for several outreach efforts, including Nourish the Children, LDS Humanitarian Services and Choice Humanitarian.
  • Kill Pornography – I have a close friend who was addicted to pornography, tried to fight it (alone) for years, and has now lost his wife, two kids, and membership in his church. Why are we protecting the rights of vicious predators who want to devour us? Let’s kill pornography before it kills us. I’m redesigning the website for Treating Pornography Addiction.

Ultimately, I want to work with family members (my wife, parents, siblings, & children) full-time on these projects.