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Bull’s-eye! Joseph Smith and the Restoration got Three for Three
January 8, 2007, 7:01 am
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by Wally Goddard

Some doctrines matter more than others:



Common Christian views



LDS view


What is God like? Trinity: Father, Son, & HG of the same substance.

He can be our father by adoption—if we accept Him.

He made us out of nothing. No pre-earth existence.

He is different in kind from us.

He is unknowable, a mystery. To know Him is to diminish Him

Three separate and real Beings (physical)

He is our literal Father.

He begat our spirits. We have always lived— with Him!

We are like Him and can become more like Him.

He is our Father, Friend, Advocate

Our first duty is to know God & His character. To know Him is to be changed by Him.

Acts 7:55-56

Hebrews 1:1-3

Hebrews 12:9

Matthew 5:48

1 John 3:2

John 10:34-36

John 17:20-23

John 17:3

How does He guide us? From leaders or from the community? C: Through the Pope

C&P: Through the debate and politicking of early councils

Esp. P: Through the Bible

P: Through the body of believers

P: Through prayer (but not through feelings!)

Through a living prophet

Through the Bible and additional revelation (unlimited!)

Through message of HG in mind and heart

Thoughts and feelings

Both the leaders and personal revelation

Amos 3:7

The pattern!

Ephesians 2:19-20

Ephesians 4:11-14

John 15:16

1 Kings 19:12

How can we be with Him in eternity? Original sin (C: Fallen; P: Depraved)


C: The sacraments give us access to Christ’s merit.

P: Confessing Christ, faith in Lord Jesus Christ

Fate of the ignorant is uncertain. No period for redemption.

Only two options: All or nothing

Few saved: Focus on worshiping God

Innocents in a fallen world

Agency: We choose!

Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ


Ordinances just as Lord commanded

Every single soul will choose for self. All may be saved.

Glory exceeding our understanding for ALL but the sons of perdition; continued relationships

Jeremiah 1:5

Joshua 24:15(2N2:27)

Revelation 20:13

James 2:15

Acts 2:37-8

1 Corinthians 15:29

1 Peter 3:18-19,4:6

John 14:2

1 Corinthians 15:40-2

Do the differences make a difference?

Which propositions lead us to God, goodness, hopefulness, & Christian living? Which edify? Test them by their fruits! (Matthew 7:20)

Tests of truth:

By the word of God (all scripture and living prophets)

By good sense (The first casualty in religious debates!) and analogy (This world is patterned after the eternal one.)

The witness of the Holy Ghost in our minds and in our hearts (redundant systems for spiritual safety!)