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July 30, 2006, 6:53 pm
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I’m a husband, dad, and a graphic designer/entrepreneur (not to be confused with entre-manure which means “between crap”). I have 3 charming sons and a lovely wife. What more could I ask for, you may ask? How about a goat? Yes, we also have a 1-month-old Nubian Goat, who follows our boys around wherever they go (except in the house). We also have a lamb and a ewe (should that be “an ewe”?), but they may losing their place in the family, soon. We’ve had some good times with them – we’ve done some mutton-bustin’ and  harnessed them so they could pull the boys in the bike-trailer – but they’re just a lot of work. They’re always knocking over their water trough, getting tangled up in their rope, and pooping everywhere. We’re not big meat-eaters, either, so we’re not sure what a “happy ending” for these sheep are.

Family Portrait


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Andy, you have an awesome looking family and great descriptions about your animals and stuff! 🙂

Comment by Carolynn

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