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July 30, 2006, 6:11 pm
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Here are some of my dreams:

  • Strengthen Families – there are so many forces breaking apart our families – we can’t be fence-sitters any longer. Education is the only hope. I’m working on FamilyCollege to get good resources in the hands of families.
  • Make a Difference in Africa – debt relief, reduce spread of HIV, give them a chance (especially the children) to rise out of poverty. I’ve designed several pieces for several outreach efforts, including Nourish the Children, LDS Humanitarian Services and Choice Humanitarian.
  • Kill Pornography – I have a close friend who was addicted to pornography, tried to fight it (alone) for years, and has now lost his wife, two kids, and membership in his church. Why are we protecting the rights of vicious predators who want to devour us? Let’s kill pornography before it kills us. I’m redesigning the website for Treating Pornography Addiction.

Ultimately, I want to work with family members (my wife, parents, siblings, & children) full-time on these projects.


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You go!

Comment by anon

Pornography is not the problem. The problem is in the heart. Pornography is used to feed lust and to put in our heart something other than the Lord. Looking at pornography is not a sin. If you lust in your heart, then you sin. You waste your time if you work towards killing pornography. What has to die, is self. Your friend sits on the trone of his life. He is not surrendered to a living God. The Lord disciplines those he loves. Prayers of the righteous are powerful. Pray for your friend, not that he stops looking at pornography, but that the Lord reveals himself and fills your friend up with the Holy Spirit. God will answer your prayer according to His Word.

Comment by Tom

Andy Goddard! I stumbled across your blog and sat here for a while remembering the good times at Cougar Creations. I especially remembered your kindness and friendship to me. I hope all is well with you and your family!

Comment by Alan Kent

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